Behavioral Services and ABA Therapy

What We Do

At Motiva Learning, we are dedicated to helping children with developmental delays, behavioral challenges, and children who have been diagnosed with autism achieve their full potential.  We develop early intervention/ABA programs tailored for each child based on their strengths and weaknesses. We believe that providing early intervention is the most beneficial option. Early intervention should begin as soon as there is any suspicion of a developmental delay or skill deficit that interferes with the child performing at a school setting, at home, or in the community.

As kids grow, we continue providing support to children and their families to mainstream them into school settings. Additionally, we provide social skill training to improve their interactions among peers.

Sessions focus on building early language, social skills, and self-help and play skills. We are also committed to supporting caregivers through consultation and program development. We provide a variety of services in various settings.


How We Can Help You

With Motiva Learning, we offer different types of sessions based on your own needs

In-Home Therapy

With in-home sessions, your child can get an enjoyable hands on experience in your home. We provide in-home services to North Miami, Aventura, and South Broward.

In-School Therapy

With In-school therapy we work closely with teachers at school, and provide support to the children in their classrooms, as well as work on their social skills.

Virtual/Online Session

With virtual sessions, we provide parent training by coaching caregivers to work with their children at their homes, as well working directly with older children who can work independently with us. We create tailored lesson plans for each session based on his or her skill level.