Supervision (BCBA/BCABA)

We provide supervision to those seeking to become Board Certified Behavioral Analysts (BCBA) and Board Certified Assistant Behavioral Analysts (BCABA).  We follow the guidelines of the Board of Behavioral Analyses

Local supervision (face to face)

Please e-mail us with your location, in order to determine if face to face supervision is feasible.

Distance Supervision

  1. At least once a month, you will be required to videotape yourself working with your client.  Consent from your client to be videotaped is a must.
  2. After we carefully review the video, we will set a time to discuss the case, strategies, and will also provide other directives.
  3. At times, supplemental readings will be provided and discussed to help you broaden your knowledge.
  4. Amount of hours of supervision will be based on number of fieldwork hours with clients.

Rates for supervision

For information on rate for local and distance supervision, please email us to