About Us

Daniela Schmeichler, M.S., BCBA, ITDS, has earned her Master’s Degree in Counseling from Nova Southeastern University, with concentration in Applied Behavioral Analysis.  She is a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst and is also an approved Infant Toddler Development Specialist in the State of Florida.  Daniela started her career working with children with special needs in Venezuela, where she also earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.

Daniela Schmeichler has extensive experience counseling families on children’s problem behaviors. She has successfully worked with many children with communication deficits, teaching them school pre-requisite skills such as attending to stimuli, following instructions, imitation, receptive and expressive skills, conversational skills and playskills. Daniela specializes in problem behavior reduction and skill acquisition training as well as family training. She works with children with autism, communication delays and also typical children with behavioral problems.