My name is Daniela Schmeichler, and I started my journey working with children with autism when I moved from Venezuela to Florida in 2003. In Venezuela, I had already worked with children with special needs while I was studying for my bachelor’s degree in Psychology. As I moved to Florida, I decided to specialize in Behavioral Analysis, and earned my master’s degree in Counseling from Nova Southeastern University, with a concentration in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA). 

Since 2003, I have worked with many families and children. First, I started as an approved Infant Toddler Development Specialist in the State of Florida. Once I became a Board-Certified Behavioral Analyst (BCBA), I began working directly with many families and their children. I provide direct sessions by working closely with the kids and ensuring high quality standard therapy all throughout my sessions.

The addition of my psychological background and my behavioral analyst specialization has helped me by allowing me to provide a holistic approach using the principles of behavioral analysis. I have built many close relationships with the children and families I work with and I can’t wait to hear from you!and