How to Help Children with Autism Deal with Transitions

I read the following interesting article that appeared in that provides a great insight on how to help children transition from one activity to another. In my practice, oftentimes parents share their concerns on children’s problem behaviors whenever a preferred activity needs to be interrupted in order to complete a less preferred activity/demand.

 I have found that the strategies described in the article are very useful and decrease problem behaviors during transitions. You may click the following link How to Help Children with Autism Deal with Transitions to read the full article.

1.       Provide choices – empower your child for making his own decisions.

2.       Acknowledge their frustration, be empathic but firm.

3.       Praise for good transitions and use others as role models.

4.       Incorporate a visual schedule for the little ones or a written schedule for older kids so they know what to expect during their daily routine.

5.       Provide a warning before transitioning, instead of interrupting activity at hand. Timers may be used at this point.

6.       Apply FIRST- THEN principle, pictures are recommended for those that have difficulty with spoken language, so your child can visualize what he/she will get after he/she finishes with demand (first).

7.       Rewards are a great element to increase desirable behaviors and should be adapted to kids functioning level.

I hope you find the article useful.

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