“Daniela came highly recommended to me from my pediatrician. She started working with my son who was diagnosed with ASD from when he was 20 months until he was 5 years old. I don’t know where my son would be today without her skill and dedication. Daniela was always reliable, thorough, and personally invested in my son’s progress and well-being! She would be an asset to any child’s development, but most especially for a child in need of extra help! And she was always there to help me along the way to lend an ear or give some mommy guidance. We are so grateful to have found and worked with her!”
Jessica M.
Daniela has worked with my son for almost 5 years. She is our Miracle Worker. With her early and consistent support, he is a thriving, happy child with few limitations. When she began he didn’t know the difference between a boy or girl, the names of rooms in our house or appliances in the kitchen. She has helped him to gain an understanding of the world around him and to respond to it without hitting or tossing things unpredictably. She brings not only her professional expertise but kindness, humor, patience and her special insight as a mother to every session. Words cannot express how much she has done for our family. We are eternally grateful.
Robin S.